What one must know about Particle Board?

  • Density : The density of Particle Board is lower than that of marine plywood. This means the treatment and use of the product will differ from other boards such as plywood.
  • Correct machinery : With Melamine Faced board for carcase products, one must ensure that there is no chipping of the impregnated paper. For this Ashok Quadros recommends the use of a main saw and a scoring saw, saying that using a jack saw while cutting a Melamine Faced board will cause chipping on the under-surface where the Particle Board is exposed.
  • Precise edge-banding : With 85 or 90 percent ambient humidity, moisture ingresses through the edges, which necessitates the next process of edge banding. When incorrectly done, or delayed, it actually entraps the moisture within the board.
  • Tool maintenance : The abrasion on the Particle Board causes oil content and resin on the tungsten carbide tool tips necessitating correct maintenance and cleaning after a certain number of uses (around 350 – 400 linear meters).
  • Hardware : A specific set of joinery or fittings must be used for Particle Board. This includes screws, dowels and adaptation mechanisms. A. K. Goel, Managing Director, Hettich India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, says Particle Board has very specific hardware requirements, even in as simple a product as a screw. "The right screw should be made of appropriate material as the metal used for wood and Particle Board are different and the pitch and the thread of the screw should be correct."