The particleboard manufacturing facility of ADL at Malur, Karnataka is a technological marvel. With the most reputed name in the continuous press set-up businesses – Dieffenbacher – at the helm of this installation, this facility is optimally planned and truly state-of-the-art. Adhering to the highest global standards of engineering, safety and manufacturing, the plant is set to revolutionize the particleboard industry in India.


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The plant marks a series of firsts for India, right from the input machinery and forming and pressing lines to the storage and the process control. This facility brings the finest brands in the manufacturing business from across the globe under one roof. These include Dieffenbacher, Siempelkamp, VITS, SHW, Pallman, Buttner, Grecon & Minimax from Germany, Steinemann from Switzerland, Scheuch from Austria, Globus, PAL, IMAL and Trasmec from Italy.



  • India’s first & largest high precision continuous press line from Dieffenbacher, Germany
  • India’s first modernized 100% fully-automated plant.
  • Fully automatic line suitable for all types & sizes of wood logs
  • Automatic hydraulic extraction
  • Latest technology dryer from world famous company, BUTTNER
  • World-class super screens and multi cross screens from PAL
  • State-of-the-art, high-precision completely automatic gluing system from IMAL, Italy
  • World class Flakers from PALLMANN with latest technology.
  • India’s first sawdust handling system with advanced technology for 100% metal-free and foreign particle free products.
  • India’s first mechanical and wind-forming combination technology from Dieffenbacher, Germany.
  • India’s first and most modern water spraying technology for mat formation to ensure uniform and faster heat transfer system.
  • India’s first plant designed based on ATEX standards to prevent explosion.
  • India’s first spark-detection and fire-extinguishing system for entire plant from GreCon, Germany
  • First time in India, four jumbo star coolers to drop down board temperature to suitable levels
  • First plant in India, equipped with 100% dust proof extraction systems like bag filters, wet scrubbers, pneumatic transport systems from Austrian world major SCHEUCH
  • Equipment suitable for producing various sizes of boards automatically and more flexibly
  • Board thickness ranging from 06-40 mm