Laminate Facility India

The laminate press line at ADL produces perfectly cured laminates with the highest standards of internal and surface properties. Every component of the machinery adds value to the finished end product – right from the custom-designed 16 Daylight Press, world-class VITS Impregnator machines for "double dip" impregnation with a high-sensitivity temperature control system that facilitates uniform quality of paper, to the world-leading "Steinemann" Swiss sanding machines that accurately maintain laminate thickness making application by the end customer an easy task.


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Every aspect of technology being set-up at the plant also has behind it expertise that is unmatched in this industry. The resin and process control systems have been set up by the finest experts of this technology from Europe, with over 3 decades of expertise in the area. The high-pressure, hot water system press line has been set up by India's best manufacturer, with expertise that increases the life of the press-plates and ensures that there is no machine down-time and uniform and consistent temperatures in the press to ensure defect-free laminates.


Laminate Product Highlights

  • Highest quality of bonding with substrate due to uniform superior sanding
  • Pure and highly uniform cellulose papers made from clean bleached pulp are used
  • Fully automated heating and cooling cycles
  • Stringent quality measures as per the highest international standards
  • 100% European Press Plates conforming to highest level of metallurgy
  • 100% European Base Paper from the world's best printers
  • Excellent quality control facilities
  • European process and resin technology