Rework your bookshelves and add a shade to hide items you don’t want to be seen. Doesn’t it look elegant?

ia Better Homes and Gardens

Use toilet paper rolls to hide and store cables in pretty baskets.

via One Crazy House

Conceal phone charging cords with this gorgeous, easy-to-make charging station.

via One Good Thing by Jillee

Hide those ugly cords going from your flat screen TV to the outlet with a shower rod.

via Fresh Crush

Hide your kids’ stuff behind a beautifully designed curtain. Nothing wrong with covering up things that don’t look organized, and boy, are kids’ toys and games hard to tidy up!

Hiding clutter in a small room (like a laundry room) can be challenging. Utilize every square inch of space without looking messy by hanging bins and baskets to store everything from trash bags to dog food.

via Simplicity in the South

These clever frames prevent your keys from cluttering your entryway. This is brilliant way to keep your keys in a convenient location but also safe from grabbing.

via Planq Studio

Hide the messy, overflowing piles of dirty laundry no one wants to see. This clever way to stash your laundry baskets solves this issue.

via Meg and the Martin Men

Create a roll-out pantry to help you store your food and utilize the space between your refrigerator and the wall. Love this idea. (Get more pantry organization ideas here.)

via Instructables

Speaking of tidying up the kitchen, don’t you hate those paper towel holders that take up valuable counter space? This wood paper towel dispenser (affiliate) hides them and provides a little shelf space for other knick-knacks.