To be the best and most advanced panel product manufacturing plant in the country, just having the best production systems is not enough. For the first time in India, a plant is equipped with in-house R&D laboratories and quality-control check areas of such a large scale. A special team of European experts heads the testing department, ensuring international product quality and standards. Every single product unit is double-screened using X-Ray scans to ensure that it qualifies every level of testing and checking.


For the first time in India, a production plant is equipped with 100% computerized quality-control features like:

  • Density scanners
  • Weight control systems
  • Water-spraying systems
  • Magnetic separators
  • Over-size disc separators
  • Metal detectors
  • Custom built reaction vessel for R&D from Europe
  • Hot air pumping system
  • Chip weighing system
  • Line moisture analyzers
  • Glue metering
  • Dosing systems
  • Perforator instrument
  • Abrasion resistance testing system
  • Porosity testing system
  • Thickness controllers
  • Blow detectors
  • Automatic online Ph meters
  • Automatic viscosity meters
  • Mat weighing


Each step of the process, starting from raw material screening and input to the final sizing, involves the most advanced quality testing and checks, using the afore mentioned high-tech instruments & processes, to eliminate any defects and deviations in the product. And if our products ace all of these tests and more, they’re not just the best quality products in the country; they’re the most intelligent ones too!